Spinmount puts a new spin on the GoPro camera

SpinmountThe GoPro is the go-to camera for capturing sports and activities in motion. The Spinmount takes the GoPro and makes it even better. This camera mount allows the user to rotate the camera 360° around and has 180° pitch movement. With such freedom of motion, the Spinmount can capture any angle with ease. Spinmount joins hoards of other GoPro mounts currently on the market. Some boast stability while others claim to attach to anything. The Spinmount really emphasizes its ability to twist around in any direction. One mount will cost backers $36 AUD. This Australian product hopes to raise $16,000 AUD on Kickstarter.

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SpinGen puts its spin on tennis racquet strings

The Premise. The best tennis technique involves not only a firm grip and good racket, but also a spin on the ball itself. This spin allows the ball to move in an arc, which makes it easier to get over the net. It also can push the ball to the opposite side when it hits the net itself. Tightly wound rackets get this spinning effect, but it lasts for only a short time.

The Product. SpinGen is a device that gets the best use out of your tennis racquet. It creates a rougher quality in the strings so that they produce more spin. The product is a plier-like tool that one clamps around the strings in the “sweet spot” of the racket. It roughens some of the strings, while others remain smooth so that the strings themselves can easily slide against each other creating spin and flexibility at the same time. One must simply clamp around the string in question and apply pressure until the string is a bit rougher. 

The Pitch. SpinGen’s campaign video features epic music along with the basic physics involved in the game of tennis. For the rest, the creator displays lots of up close photos of tennis racquets and strings. SpinGen needs to raise $18,000 for a successful run on Kickstarter.

The Perks. One of these tennis-centric clamps goes for $35 with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Higher reward tiers offer several SpinGens at discounted rates and climb up to $280.

The Potential. SpinGen is one of those products that solves a problem that few know about. There are tennis strings out there that are already rough. The creator argues, however, that it’s best to have a combination of rough and soft strings for the best game. SpinGen is a great way to produce such an effect, but will probably be useful only to pro tennis players. While an interesting product, the SpinGen needs to find a place in the very niche tennis market for success. 


ForeverSpin tops have an element of fun, fall short of spinning forever

ForeverSpinSome people like to stare at an aquarium of fish while they brainstorm, but the maker of ForeverSpin prefers a spinning top. Mirrored, brushed, and gold plated are apparently ideal when bored, stressed, anxious, as a gift to a child, or just for some spinning competition fun. But for those who consider themselves to be deep thinkers, visionaries, and / or champions with some extra cash and an interest in finding out if tops really do enhance brainstorming sessions, there are the options of copper, aluminum, and titanium. Backers can choose their favorite element beginning at $19. Expected delivery is June 2014. For those who prefer blended elements that command a prettier penny, The Lambda campaign offers a brass-aluminum top with a ruby bottom that’s been known to whirl for up to 10 minutes.


Lambda Top invites you to take it for a very lengthy spin

Lambda-TopFor those who have some time to kill, here is an item that might bring some amusement for a while. The Lambda Top is a unique toy for the child in everyone. The body is made of brass and aluminum, but the tip is a perfectly smooth sphere that’s made of ruby. Its measurements and the ruby sphere tip enhance its spinning action, making it remain in motion for significantly longer than even the most impressive BeyBlade. The Lambda Top creator’s unofficial record is a 10-minute spin, and he posted the video on his campaign site. He offers backers a challenge to make theirs spin longer, record it on video, and submit it through the campaign site. Lambda tops out at $65 with an expected delivery of September 2014.