BodyBoardX tones you by stretching and swaying

Core conditioning is the foundation of most workout regimes. With a strong core, you can improve your balance and overall strength. The Bodyboard X provides you with an easy core workout. This product is committed to improving your strength, spatial awareness and planes of motion all in a low impact way. Shaped like a curved skateboard, the Bodyboard X rocks side to side on the ground with you on top of it. Straps attached to each side come up while the rider holds them with their arms stuck straight out to the sides.

While the reasoning behind this product is certainly sound, the execution is a little funky. The campaign shows a gif of a woman on the Bodyboard X rocking side to side with her arms out and she looks a little, well, awkward. Or perhaps like she’s posing for a Vitruvian Man-inspired painting. Still, for $75, backers can enjoy theirs by March 2015. Bodyboard X hopes to raise $80,000 on Kickstarter.