Catzmat adds artistic flair to your kitty’s feeding time

Keeping the floor clean around the area where kitty feeds can be a challenge. Many of the mats on the market are, well, boring. So Catzmat aims to add some interest to the whole process. Using an attachment clip to the wall, the mat comes in tons of different designs ranging from flowers, to Renaissance art to a photo of pet owner and kitty. The mat even works in a corner area if preferred. It appears to be easy enough to clean with just soap and water and a dishcloth or paper towel.

In terms of aesthetics and artistic appeal, Catzmat may have a bit of an advantage over other products on the market. Honestly, though, a cat mat is a cat mat. Other products in which cat lovers may have an interest are Mousr, Automatic Kitty Groomer, and WindowKitty. This campaign seeks to raise $8,400 NZD (~$6,500 USD) on Kickstarter. For $18 NZD (~$14 USD) backers get one Catzmat with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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