Leano props you up, covers your butt anyplace you want to sit

Summer concerts, picnics and just reading in a field are all great activities that provide a few choices for enjoyment. One can drag along a big beach chair or camping chair or bring a small blanket and seek out a tree or something else to lean on for support.

A cross between a mat and a chair, Leano is about as minimal a seat as one can develop. It fits easily in a backpacknd weighs almost nothing. The entire constriction is a long sheet of fabric (which appears to be about 80″ long) draping off a rod and two 19″ long stakes that prop up one end. The fabric protects the backside and legs from grass, dirt or sand while the poles prop up the back.


Catzmat adds artistic flair to your kitty’s feeding time

Keeping the floor clean around the area where kitty feeds can be a challenge. Many of the mats on the market are, well, boring. So Catzmat aims to add some interest to the whole process. Using an attachment clip to the wall, the mat comes in tons of different designs ranging from flowers, to Renaissance art to a photo of pet owner and kitty. The mat even works in a corner area if preferred. It appears to be easy enough to clean with just soap and water and a dishcloth or paper towel.

In terms of aesthetics and artistic appeal, Catzmat may have a bit of an advantage over other products on the market. Honestly, though, a cat mat is a cat mat. Other products in which cat lovers may have an interest are Mousr, Automatic Kitty Groomer, and WindowKitty. This campaign seeks to raise $8,400 NZD (~$6,500 USD) on Kickstarter. For $18 NZD (~$14 USD) backers get one Catzmat with an expected delivery of March 2015.


C-Action is a fitness mat that can take that

Those who enjoy working out usually have several activities they like to engage in. Whether it’s boxing, yoga, Pilates or strength conditioning, there are lots of ways to stay in shape, but not always one place where you can easily work out in so many different ways. C-ACTION hopes to bring the possibility of tons of activities to you in one simple package. Featuring a mat and a boxing bag-like bump, you can use this product for yoga, boxing, Pilates, mixed martial arts and more. C-ACTION comes in two sizes, each able to be carried on your back. While this product is versatile, it has the limitation of ground-only use. In the campaign, everyone using this seems to be stuck on the ground or in need of the assistance of another. Still, for those who like working out on the floor, the C-ACTION does have many interesting uses. Backers can donate $220 for the smaller version with an estimated delivery of February 2015. This fitness mat-of-all-trades is hoping to raise $40,000 on Kickstarter.

Health and Wellness

Restopresto introduces your new friend, mat

It seems that as the seasons change, it can be warm toward the beginning of the day, and cool toward the end – or vice versa. But if one doesn’t get the chance to check the local weather report before heading out for the day, Restopresto, or RP for short, has you covered – literally. This multifaceted mat can be sat on, worn, or even function as a makeshift umbrella. When it’s no longer needed, just roll it up and throw it back in a tote, clip it to a handbag, or store it in the car. The fastener system is fairly extensive and cleverly designed. Other than that, RP’s main claim to fame is its “smushability.” Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans may connect it to the popular expression, “Always carry a towel.” For $40, backers can always be prepared for the unexpected demolishing of planet Earth, and hopefully, that the building of the galaxy superhighway won’t begin in our galaxy prior to January of 2015. Be sure to check the library basement to find out.