Leano props you up, covers your butt anyplace you want to sit

Summer concerts, picnics and just reading in a field are all great activities that provide a few choices for enjoyment. One can drag along a big beach chair or camping chair or bring a small blanket and seek out a tree or something else to lean on for support.

A cross between a mat and a chair, Leano is about as minimal a seat as one can develop. It fits easily in a backpacknd weighs almost nothing. The entire constriction is a long sheet of fabric (which appears to be about 80″ long) draping off a rod and two 19″ long stakes that prop up one end. The fabric protects the backside and legs from grass, dirt or sand while the poles prop up the back.

Leano works best when its stakes can be driven into the surface for more support. Its developer says that it will also work on flat surfaces but one should take care on smooth ones so that one doesn’t hit one’s bean from a Leano that’s leaned too far. Leano seeks only %5,000 by June 5th. The product goes for $39  for backers who can choose from among three colors labelled sand, stone and grass.and should be delivered by October.

Leano is lighter and less obtrusive than other portable chairs, but it keeps one on the ground which may not always be optimal. That said, it seems like a fun and useful accessory especially when the surface allows the stakes to provide more stability.

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