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Restopresto introduces your new friend, mat

It seems that as the seasons change, it can be warm toward the beginning of the day, and cool toward the end – or vice versa. But if one doesn’t get the chance to check the local weather report before heading out for the day, Restopresto, or RP for short, has you covered – literally. This multifaceted mat can be sat on, worn, or even function as a makeshift umbrella. When it’s no longer needed, just roll it up and throw it back in a tote, clip it to a handbag, or store it in the car. The fastener system is fairly extensive and cleverly designed. Other than that, RP’s main claim to fame is its “smushability.” Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans may connect it to the popular expression, “Always carry a towel.” For $40, backers can always be prepared for the unexpected demolishing of planet Earth, and hopefully, that the building of the galaxy superhighway won’t begin in our galaxy prior to January of 2015. Be sure to check the library basement to find out.