C-Action is a fitness mat that can take that

Those who enjoy working out usually have several activities they like to engage in. Whether it’s boxing, yoga, Pilates or strength conditioning, there are lots of ways to stay in shape, but not always one place where you can easily work out in so many different ways. C-ACTION hopes to bring the possibility of tons of activities to you in one simple package. Featuring a mat and a boxing bag-like bump, you can use this product for yoga, boxing, Pilates, mixed martial arts and more. C-ACTION comes in two sizes, each able to be carried on your back. While this product is versatile, it has the limitation of ground-only use. In the campaign, everyone using this seems to be stuck on the ground or in need of the assistance of another. Still, for those who like working out on the floor, the C-ACTION does have many interesting uses. Backers can donate $220 for the smaller version with an estimated delivery of February 2015. This fitness mat-of-all-trades is hoping to raise $40,000 on Kickstarter.