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Connected compact GeniScale can weigh yams, yachts and you

Scales can come in handy for all sorts of tasks from weighing luggage to avoid extra fees to weighing portions to avoid extra pounds.  Because of their various tolerances, scales proliferate. There are body scales, food scales, postal scales and others.

GeniScale seeks to be the one scale to rule them all, or at least one set of scales to rule them all. The compact device, which looks a bit like an Apple TV, can be used to weigh smaller things out of the box. Weighing a person, though, requires either a good sense of balance or combining multiple GeniScales under each foot. Indeed, it’s through this combining that the tiny GeniScales can weigh very heavy or awkward things.

GeniScale has a companion app with which it communicates via Bluetooth; it  can be used to set up conditions. For example, one can be alerted when the weight of a couch changes to detect when a pet has jumped on it. The company is seeking to raise $120,0000 on Kickstarter. GeniScales are priced at $89 plus shipping and are due to ship in July

GeniScales seems handy for a wide range of tasks. Their small size make them particularly helpful for keeping track of luggage, food portions or personal weight on the road. Integration with a system such as IFTT would allow one to take more actions based on their weight. It would also be helpful for personal weight tracking if the product could take smart guesses about who is using it like the Fitbit Aria or WiThings scale.

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