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Feed-n-See Holder invites hummingbirds to stay, keeps ants away

Watching hummingbirds enjoy nectar from a feeder can be a great way to wake up if one is an early riser, or a wonderful way to relax as the day comes to a close. Though they usually prefer natural nectar, they can be drawn by a feeder such as the Feed-n-See Holder. Moats around the nectar keep ants away, and a plant below the feeder can catch any nectar that falls and also get the benefit of bird droppings to keep the plant fertilized. The feeder is made of UV resistant nylon plastic and can be attached to a post or tree using zip ties, or screwed to a house outside of the kitchen window for easy refilling and enjoyment of watching the hummingbirds come to visit.

Though this product offers the option of a single or double feeder, hummingbirds are usually territorial. So if the idea is to attract more than one bird, it’s best to have the feeders out of sight of one another. This campaign seeks to raise $125,000 by December 19, 2014. For $25, backers get one product with an expected delivery of February 2015.

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