BIAbox exercise device flips around as it works you out all over

Time and time again, people like a full body workout that can be had with the help of one device. Moving back and forth between machines takes up too much time and requires a costly gym membership.

BIAbox is looking to provide an all over workout. With two two-sided faces and two railings, the box stands on its own and is about the size of a walker. By turning it around, BIAbox has four sides. Each side tells the user how they can workout and which exercises that particular orientation supports. For instance, when it’s turned into a platform, step ups, push ups and squats are all made possible. BIAbox offers 40 different exercises to its users.

While not the most sleek or portable all-in-one fitness device out there, BIAbox does have an edge over similar products. It actually lists the exercises you can do using it. Others come with inconvenient manuals or nothing at all. Fitness buffs have useful instructions on how to maximize their workout right in front of them. For their very own, backers must donate £209 (~$330) for ambitious delivery in December 2014, if BIAbox reaches its £12,000 (~$18,700) goal on Kickstarter.

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