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Hotshot contains its excitement, brings the heat to canned coffee

People waste so much money each year on coffee runs. Whether they’re visiting a chain or their local coffee shop, most can’t help stop in at least once a day for that much-needed boost of energy.

patent-claimedHotshot provides a way to save money on coffee while still enjoying that little kick. The Hotshot system consists of a heater that can hold up to 12 cans at once. That’s right, it heats up coffee in cans. Hotshot features many different flavors and even has hot chocolate. From a safety perspective, the label on the cans prevents users from burning themselves. Hotshot’s heater, the HotBox, plugs into the wall and measures 10” wide, 4” deep and 10” tall. It uses innovative conductive heating technology and uses 75% less energy than a refrigerator.

Hotshot does seem like a good alternative to traditional ways of drinking coffee. It’s cost-effective and offers a chance to carry around more coffee than is possible with a traditional thermos. The product also claims to be more environmentally-friendly than the K-Cup. While a little silly looking, Hotshot does manage to give people hot coffee on the go. One will cost backers $99 for delivery in December 2015. This product is looking to raise $100,000 by May 13 on Kickstarter.

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