ME n’ E makes e-bike conversions more affordable

While products like the bimoz, add-e, and Dillenger dangle the tantalizing prospect of retrofitting our precious bicycles with lightweight packages of electric mobility for a more powerful ride, they do so at a less-than-lightweight price point. In the crowdfunding world, these price points are to be expected but do nothing to make it possible for more people to actually back confidently.

ME n’ E is offering an alternative, more accessibly priced e-bike conversion kit on Indiegogo that works similarly to previous kits. It takes just two minutes to install the lightweight, two-pound kit, giving users about 10-15 miles per charge at a top speed of 32mph.

ME n’ E comes in three configurations: a 250-watt version without battery or charger for $139, a 250-watt version with battery and charge for $199, and a 500-watt version for $299. All are slated to be shipped May 2016 should the ME n’ E campaign raise $35,000 by May 1st, 2016.

The biggest difference between ME n’ E is how exactly it works. It doesn’t actually add more power like most conversion, but rather uses its internal machinations to match the rider’s power. If the rider isn’t pedaling, nothing happens. This is probably how the product cuts costs as well. Since it does so in a clever way without sacrificing overall usability, it’s a kit to certainly be considered if you’re looking for an electric boost on your commute.

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