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Miito is a mighty quick and energy-efficient way to heat liquids

The standard method used to heat liquids including water has been with a kettle or pot. But that traditional system often leads to a lot of waste of water and other liquids because people tend to heat more than they actually use. The traditional heating method also requires a lot of energy.

Miito is a device designed to solve those issues. It is made up of a small, circular induction base unit that the user places a cup or any other vessel on and a heating rod that then gets placed inside the vessel and quickly brings the water, soup or almost any other liquid to a boil. Miito will cost about $100 when it ships in April 2016. Its makers set a Kickstarter goal of raising $167,383 by June 14.

This clever and stylish reinvention of the hot plate will likely find a lot of consumers eager to give it a shot. That said, excess kettle water and the energy required to heat up a cup of tea are probably not among the largest issues that the typical consumer is concerned about. The energy being consumed all day by air conditioners and other electronic devices are likely bigger issues of concern. Also, although microwave ovens may indeed not be as energy efficient as Miito, it’s highly likely that many people are not as concerned about the noise that they tend to make as Miito’s makers seem to think and many people probably don’t mind using microwave ovens if they already have one.

Miito may, in fact, become a more appealing and versatile device –- certainly a more portable one — when its makers eliminate the requirement that it be plugged into an electric outlet. That’s a goal cited by its makers for a future version of the device that will be achieved either via batteries or solar power.


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