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NoonWear One lets you see your screens in the bright sun

The screens on today’s smartphones, tablets and laptops produce vibrant, saturated colors — that is, as long as they’re not directly in the path of the sun. Trying to fight the greatest light source for millions of miles is a tough battle to win and so screens become washed out and hard to read.

While most sunglasses only make the problem worse by blocking half of a laptop’s emitted light, Noonwear One provides a new approach to this problem with a line of sunglasses that create a dramatic improvement in screen visibility. The specs use diagonal polarization to allow light from electronic screens to come through better while still blocking sunlight.

Unfortunately, one must switch sunglasses for different kinds of screens; there’s no word on how many different kinds of styles the company will offer. A pair of Noonwear One sunglasses will cost $50 for one designed for laptops, $65 for ones designed for smartphones and tablets. Both kinds should be available next June. The project seeks $80,000 by September 25th. Noonwear plans to support prescriptions as well.

Even at $65, the (for now) Wayfarer-like Noonwear sunglasses are more affordable than some laptop shades and more convenient to use. It could create an eye-opening experience for those who’d like to get more done in the summer sun.

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