Cell Phone Accessories

ReelKlip leashes your smartphone to prevent pavement pounding

ReelKlipLots of smartphone cases can protect your phone if it falls, but ReelKlip takes a more proactive approach. Acting like one of those retractable badge holders used for access at many workplaces, the product consists of a 1.5″ belt-mounted disc and a polyurethane band of up to 3.5″ that snugs tightly around your smartphone that are joined by a 3.5′ feel that lets you bring your phone up to your face. However, applications such as in-car navigation or passing around a photo of your new precious will likely require untethering. A video which shows a wince-inducing montage of phone breakage scenarios drives home the point. A nice complement to a protective case and screen guard, ReelKlip should be available for backers for $17 in March 2014.

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