BundeZe calls it a wrap on loose cables and cords

BundeZe  65367227dbbc1bdd4bfd3a713371fcaf_large[1]Seems like no matter what you do, cords, cables, and ropes always end up in a spaghetti-like pile. But that would be why bundling helps like BundeZe exist. The bungee loop stretches to allow you to wrap, bundle, and lash; then hold it all together with the BundeZe ball, slide collar, and pull tab. The product is something of a beefed-up version of Bongo Ties. Backers can tie up their loose ends with a stash of six BundeZes for $9, with an expected delivery of May 2014.

Cell Phone Accessories

ReelKlip leashes your smartphone to prevent pavement pounding

ReelKlipLots of smartphone cases can protect your phone if it falls, but ReelKlip takes a more proactive approach. Acting like one of those retractable badge holders used for access at many workplaces, the product consists of a 1.5″ belt-mounted disc and a polyurethane band of up to 3.5″ that snugs tightly around your smartphone that are joined by a 3.5′ feel that lets you bring your phone up to your face. However, applications such as in-car navigation or passing around a photo of your new precious will likely require untethering. A video which shows a wince-inducing montage of phone breakage scenarios drives home the point. A nice complement to a protective case and screen guard, ReelKlip should be available for backers for $17 in March 2014.