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Riide slides the battery inside the frame of a light e-bike

Riide“Cities are modern marvels. But getting around them sucks.” So plainly states the campaign video for the Riide electric bicycle. The sentiment comes after an excellent start to the campaign video, which intersperses shots of Riide riding with shots of Jamal May reciting an inspiring poem. But back to the product, which the creators claim to to be a (relatively) affordable pedal/e-bike hybrid. It features a battery almost invisibly embedded into a frame, high reliability and serviceability, a light weight of 35 lbs. and a speedy two-hour recharge time. If the creating team’s effort to pimp its Riide gets your pedals going, you can pledge $1,800 — a $175 discount over the final price — to pick one up. It should be available in May 2014.

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