Run right into improved performance with the RunRite running system

Most wearable running devices focus on different variables like heart rate and stride, but with the activity being such a personal activity unique to each body, simply keeping track of disparate variables isn’t enough. Each body has its own potential and limitations so a system needs to not only obtain the necessary data but also analyze it, too.

This is exactly what the RunRite system does. Comprised of two sensors worn around the legs, RunRite takes in common data like heart rate along with more refined data like power output and pace. The system then compiles this data and assigns a running efficiency score, advising runners how best to increase that score during a run and analyzing the data to recommend exercises to improve performance between runs. RunRite works on iOS, Android, and some Windows devices, and goes for $199, with an expected ship date of September 2015.. Its campaign is looking for $60,000 by June 4th, 2015.

Other products like the Stridalyzer and runScribe also serve up valuable information on running performance, but the RunRite has them beat on both the quantity and quality of that information, in addition to the exercise recommendations it provides. Most running systems are best used during the run, while RunRite stays helpful all the time.

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