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Stealth core trainer makes your gut incognito

As annoying as it might be to hear, simply doing exercise isn’t enough. It’s also necessary to introduce variety into exercise routines, or else long-term physical change will be hard to achieve. Generally speaking, doing so is difficult but can be done. Effectively targeting the 29 different core muscles and keeping them on their toes, though, is a different challenge altogether. This is exactly what makes Stealth so appealing.

Stealth offers users a quick and effective core workout in under three minutes. They simply need to download the Stealth app on their smartphone, place it inside the Stealth, choose their workout, get into the plank position, and exercise their core. The game itself challenges users to follow and destroy different colored circles by bending, twisting and angling themselves in different directions — a ruse to distract them from the pain they’ll definitely be feeling.

No two workouts are the same with Stealth, which is important in confusing the muscles, an important component in reaching the level of variety neccessary for visible change. Backers looking to get rid of the flub can grab a Stealth for $179. It is slated to be delievered come June 2017 should its Kickstarter raise $20,000 by January 1st, 2016.

Crowdfunding websites have been the birthplace of many an exercise device. Out of them all, the STABALLIZER employs the same app-connected gameplay to encourage users to exercise and adds the ability to be a bunch of other devices for different exercises as well. That doesn’t mean Stealth is any worse: If anything, most of these exercise products are great in their own right, and Stealth is no different — especially with its gut busting focus.

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