stuckToU lets your keys cling to walls like Spider-Man

stucktoUOrganization products don’t come much simpler than stuckToIU. With a name that sounds like it came from an ’80s pop single, the magnetic disc is affixed to your wall ready to hang your keys or other small metal object like an Old West outlaw. The video for the modest $3,500 campaign begins with a jerky slow-mo shot of keys literally being flung at the the stuckToU, which catches them neatly despite the clattering aftershocks from impact. After a $12 early bird, the reward prices shoot up to $45 for a “once in a lifetime” custom magnetic disc. The better course is to use a bit more of that lifetime to wait until the thing ships and pay $15 for it if you miss the early bird. StuckToU is slated to adorn the walls of backers in June 2014.

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