Cinq makes it a cinch to add second computer screen

Adding a second screen to one’s laptop computer can come in extremely handy, whether working at home, an office or on the road. After all, it cuts down significantly on the need to toggle back and forth between multiple windows on a PC to find necessary information.

patent-claimedCinq is a portable, 13.3-inch HD (1600 x 900) monitor that connects via USB to a laptop or Intel-based tablet such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro. It mounts to the laptop in two steps: the user applies a clear vinyl Lid Rail Skin to the laptop lid, and then attaches the Lid Rail using a clamp.

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Hudway offers a simple cheap way to look into the future of driving displays

editors-choiceA head-up display (HUD) can be a handy device in a car, especially when facing low visibility conditions. Such devices provide valuable data for drivers and, because they display information on a transparent screen in front of the windshield, drivers don’t have to look away from the road to see that data. However, most HUDs are expensive, whether they’re purchased built into a luxury car or bought separately as an aftermarket product.

patent-claimedHudway Glass is an affordable alternative –- a car accessory that gets placed on a car dashboard and transforms smartphones into HUDs in conjunction with several mobile applications. Users place their smartphone on the accessory’s cradle with the display facing up. Its attached, transparent optical glass reflects the data received from the accompanying Android and iOS smartphone apps, allowing a driver to see road maps and other needed information just by looking straight ahead where the windshield is.

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NoonWear One lets you see your screens in the bright sun

The screens on today’s smartphones, tablets and laptops produce vibrant, saturated colors — that is, as long as they’re not directly in the path of the sun. Trying to fight the greatest light source for millions of miles is a tough battle to win and so screens become washed out and hard to read.

While most sunglasses only make the problem worse by blocking half of a laptop’s emitted light, Noonwear One provides a new approach to this problem with a line of sunglasses that create a dramatic improvement in screen visibility. The specs use diagonal polarization to allow light from electronic screens to come through better while still blocking sunlight.

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Touchjet Wave transforms your TV into a touch screen device

Tablets may never have a large enough screen to please some users. That’s especially the case when using a tablet to view a widescreen movie that begs to be seen on the largest screen possible.

Touchjet Wave is a new device that adds touch screen control and Android apps to any TV that has a screen from 20 to 80 inches large. The device clips onto the TV and gets connected via the TV’s HDMI port. An HDMI cable is included, along with a stylus. Touchjet Wave uses infrared technology to track finger movements and taps across the TV screen.


Slidenjoy gives your laptop multiple slide-out screens

Today, laptops can do just about everything that a desktop computer was once able to to do. But there are still a few differences. For one, monitors on desktop computers tend to be larger, offering more space to work. And advanced users often connect two or even three monitors to extend their work space even further.

That’s not something that’s been practical on laptop monitors despite the availability of many portable displays. However, Slidenjoy is hoping to ease the task. The product sits behind a laptop screen and makes one or two extra HD displays available, allowing up to three including the one built into the laptop. They are connected via USB using a standard called DisplayLink.