Food and Beverage

Forkeo adds a touch of sophistication to enjoying milk and cookies

One of the best combinations in life is Oreos and milk. Whoever thought of this was just a food genius. Some people enjoy the feel of a wet cookie in between their fingers and licking the chocolate crumbs off their fingertips in between each cookie. Some, however, do not.

Forkeo has great appeal to those who enjoy a cleaner dining experience. The two-pronged fork simply gets stuck into the icing in between the cookie parts and then dunked into one’s favorite glass or mug full of milk. While a regular fork works just a well, Forkeo is disposable. So no one has to do any dishes if that and a paper cup are used.

Of course disposable forks could be used, but they don’t look as cool. The cookie dunking aide appears to be compatible with Hydrox cookies, too. Interested backers might also like to check out Dunkin’ Buddy. This campaign seeks to raise $8,500 on Kickstarter. For $5, backers get a pack of 15 with an expected delivery of March 2015.


The Little Globetrotter bib rolls up for travel, won’t rock your world

Any new parent knows that it’s astounding how many time they must change a baby’s clothes over the course of one day. Little Globetrotter aims to bring a bit of cleanliness and a potentially diminished laundry load to moms and dads. This bib not only features a wider shoulder design, but also an optional snap together pocket to help catch spills – or allow baby to hide those yucky Brussels sprouts and asparagus until he or she is able to learn from siblings the more effective and smoother way of passing that stuff off to the dog when mom isn’t looking. The stain-resistant material is a nice touch considering how quickly a bib can start looking pretty nasty. When it comes time for mom and baby to hit the road together, the bib can be rolled rather than folded – which is probably a plus for those who really, really hate folding stuff, or just have an issue with crease lines in bibs. This campaign seeks to raise $4,000 by November 2014. For $30, backers get one bib with an expected delivery of December 2014.