Gneiss Spice tidies up culinary toys for creating tasteful delights

Some people say that spices are toys for those who love to cook. They’re essential to creating a great meal, but all of those little bottles have a tendency to clog up kitchen cupboards. Gneiss Spice can make organizing them and actually using them much easier. Lids are magnetic so that spices can be stored on the refrigerator or some other convenient metal surface near the stove. It’s also possible to get a plate to go with these – assumedly metal, though that is not clearly stated.

One of the especially interesting goals of this campaign is to allow those who are interested to create their own custom spice rack for manufacturing. Interested backers might also want to check out the Mobin,  campaign, and those who love their fresh herbs may want to check out the Ecofarm and Herb Grower campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000 by December 8, 2014. Backers get three jars for $25 with an expected delivery of December 2014.