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GoGlove comes in handy for controlling music via gestures

The devices in our life are so incredibly useful, but sometimes that utility can get in the way. Who hasn’t felt somewhat idiotic taking out their phone to do one thing and return it, only to realize within a few seconds that it needs to be fished out again for something else? Headphones with remote controls have alleviated some of that juggling we do but haven’t truly disconnected us from our touchscreen overlords.

The GoGlove wants to make it easier to handle your devices by allowing you to wirelessly initiate a wide variety of actions with just a few finger taps. To use it, a tap of your middle finger activates the gloves and awaits other taps. When input, these taps can do everything from raise the volume of your favorite tunes to begin a recording session on your GoPro, ensuring that you won’t have to stop running or dig deep in your pockets for your device. Each finger on the GoGlove is fully customizable to suit your needs with its iOS or Android companion app, and its Bluetooth LE connection allows for an estimated battery life of a few years of normal use. When weather makes the use of this glove impractical, its embedded remote can be removed for use as well.

The GoGlove will no doubt be useful, especially because it can easily be worn underneath another glove when it gets really frigid out. But the number of actions available looks fairly limited, but there is some work being done in that area so we can expect some more uses out of it. The GoGlove is going for $99, which is $30 off its eventual MSRP. For backers, $40,000 is the magic number that will get this product their hands by June 2015.

Health and Wellness Wearables

Whatever your music tastes GoGlove plugs into the new wave

The Premise. Exercising can be even more exhilarating and fruitful with the right music on to help push you to go further. No music, or slow sappy music, can completely mess with your workout rhythm or even make you want to stop. Most music players need to be handled manually in order to change the song, which can be a total hassle.

The Product. The GoGlove is a sports glove that connects to your music player via Bluetooth. Using different finger touch patterns, the wearer can adjust the volume, skip, go back, activate SIRI, play and pause their music on the go. The thin glove can be worn alone or underneath a ski glove for those engaging in winter sports. Its black material makes it look discreet and subtle.

The Pitch. GoGlove’s campaign video shows a humorous montage of runners, cyclists and other athletic types interrupted by a sappy love song. Its creators discuss the functionality of their product, along with stretch goals. The rest of the campaign discusses battery life and other tech specs of the glove. GoGlove is reaching for a $50,000 goal in a month-long Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For early-glove-wearers, the product is $69 or $79 at a regular price with estimated delivery in December 2014. A stretch goal of $60,000 has been set in the hopes of creating an accompanying Android/iOS app so that wearers can customize their glove experience. A second stretch goal of $100,000 would allow the creators to develop a second product in a wristband form, for warmer sports.

The Potential. There’s nothing like exercising to great music and most people know what it’s like to be powering it out to Beyonce only to lag behind when Jack Johnson comes on. Lots of headphones and earbuds offer a way to adjust the players volume easily, but don’t have the array of options that the GoGlove has. Similarly, most opt to simply make a gym or exercising playlist filled with techno jams to keep that heart rate up. Still, GoGlove’s concept is novel in the fitness accessory world and will certainly be a welcome addition to the market, especially for those engaging in colder sports.