BodyFly will tone your body, won’t provide flight

Fitness buffs get a little crazed about their all-in-one products. Here’s another one to go wild for: BodyFly. This hexagonal platform uses cables and handles to make your body fly (as in toned, not airborne). It offers a multitude of workouts upright or lying down to tone abs, pecs, arms, legs and core. With a slider, those working out can adjust the weight they want to lift from 10 to 20 or 30 pounds. The side has a handle for easy carrying and the creators claim that their product is quite lightweight. In addition, the campaign boasts that BodyFly can be used anywhere, humorously showing a hunk using the product in a supermarket.

It’s difficult to get excited about fitness devices in the crowdfunding world because there are simply so many out there. Some sacrifice function for versatility, wanting their product to be used in so many different ways that they forget the entire purpose. Others sacrifice portability for functionality forgetting that people need to tote it around, like the recent STABALLIZER. All in all, BodyFly seems to be the full package, offering a range of workouts, not the biggest range ever, but a range nonetheless with portability for convenience. Backers can have their own for $699 and if they don’t die from heart attack at the sticker shock first, they’ll get it by July 2015. BodyFly hopes to raise $150,000 on Kickstarter.

Furniture Organization

Flat-pack shelving structure organizes in a giant hexagon

Shelving units pretty much come in one shape consisting of horizontal parallel shelves that hold your stuff in a straight line. Ruche offers a different look. Shaped like a hexagon, this shelving unit has seven slots able to fit anything from shoes to pots and pans in the kitchen. According to the campaign, these shelves only take seven minutes to assemble. For moving or reorganizing, the shelves fold completely flat for ease of transport.

This Israeli product is not only practical, but also features a hidden Star of David in its center for more spiritual backers. Ruche comes in either cardboard or aluminum and each material boasts three different sizes: small, medium and large. The campaign does a great job of displaying all the different ways Ruche can be used and is convincing in showcasing the product’s usefulness and versatility. You’ll also get your choice of color with a $65 donation for a small aluminum Ruche with an estimated delivery date of February 2015. This product is looking to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter.


What the hex? Comb720 neatly organizes your smartwatch notifications

All these new fancy smartwatches have forgotten one little thing: their ease of use! Sure, us techies will be able to grasp all the different taps and gestures to get the most out of our new devices but watches are not just technology. Watches are much more widespread than that, and if companies want to capture the average watch user, they’ll need to do more to simplify the interactions with our wearable technology. The Comb720 is trying to do that by being a smartwatch that utilizes seven tessellated, hexagonal tiles that include e-mail, fitness, and messages.

This 7th grade inventor, Davis Barrow, hopes that since these tiles never move, users will quickly become accustomed to where they are, therefore more quickly able to obtain information compared to most other competing smartwatches. The Comb720 comes in a leather-banded, bronze-bodies version, while the active version sports a carbon fiber construction and a durable paracord band, both compatible with iOS and Android. The Comb720 currently costs $250 with a delivery date of February 2015. Its campaign goal is $5,000.