Food and Beverage

Prepd Box is the lunchbox adults have waited for

It’s easy to understand the lure of eating out for lunch: it’s easy to do so and there is unparalleled variety to enjoy in dense, metropolitan areas. On the flip side, it can be unhealthy when all the ingredients aren’t exactly known, expensive to eat out every day, and generally pretty wasteful. Batch cooking is a great way to combat this but most containers simply aren’t up to snuff, made from suspect materials that leak and smell over the long term.

Prepd is reimagining the lunchbox to address this problem. Its Prepd Pack is an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist lunch box that uses modular containers for a better batch cooking experience.

Cooking Robots/Drones

No cooks needed in the kitchen with OneCook auto multi-cooker

Depending on who it is, cooking can either be a fulfilling experience or an absolute chore. Usually, what makes it the latter is a chronic lack of time due to the busy, demanding lifestyles that are prevalent today.

OneCook is a godsend for students, full-time workers — basically, anyone without time. By outsourcing the entire cooking process to the fully automated multi-cooker, people can step away from the kitchen at the touch of a button, avoiding minor injuries and never whipping up a tasteless chicken parm again.