Liquidy-Split! comes in in a pinch, offers precise portions

The Premise. When cooking, most people follow recipes pretty closely. It’s hard to do this, however, when using measuring spoons. Either you end up putting in too little or too much of whichever ingredient into the mix. It can also be frustrating to have to rinse measuring cups and spoons as you go.

The Product. The pun-embracing Liquidy-Split offers a solution for measuring out fluid ingredients. It looks like a simple squeeze bottle, but has a dial on top with different measurements from ¼ tsp to 1 tbsp along with comparable metric measurements. To use, simply turn to the dial to the desired measurement and squeeze the bottle. Liquidy-Split will dispense the correct amount and then all you have to do is pour. Any excess liquid is sucked back into the bottle. Each bottle has a label section on it to write what it contains. The bottles are compact and easy to sot

The Pitch. Liquidy-Split’s Kickstarter campaign outlines the different problems that the creators’ product solves such as pouring out too much liquid or having to use several measuring spoons for one ingredient. The video contains a demonstration of Liquidy-Split along with some awkward footage of its creator. The campaign has a low goal of $5,500 in 60 days and a series of stretch goals that range from $15,000 to $35,000. These consist of different sizes and colors possible for the Liquidy-Split bottles.

The Perks. The Liquidy-Split campaign features only three reward tiers — $1, $10, and $15. The early-bird tier of $10 and the regular priced $15 tiers are the same; both include one Liquidy-Split bottle with the choice of size and color. Estimated delivery is set for July 2014.

The Potential. The Liquidy-Split bottle is a neat little invention for cooking and baking enthusiasts. Similar products exist, but most claim that they are only for oil, such as the Portion Pro Oil Dispenser. Liquidy-Split’s Kickstarter campaign is a bit lacking in reward tiers, but the product is still a good one. Liquidy-Split also would benefit from creating an equivalent product that could be used for solid, powdery ingredients, such as flour and sugar: Powdery-Pinch?