Connected Objects

The mighty Vaultek employs Bluetooth to keep valuables safe

To protect what matters most, many people resort to big, bulky safes that weigh a ton and employ analog methods of entry that are usually pretty time consuming. But these days, connected devices are all the rage — so why not a safe?

That’s the question the team behind the Bluetooth-connected Vaultek safe asked, and the result was a lightweight, carbon-steel unibody safe outfitted with anti-pry bars, protected hinges, and anti-impact latches for maximum protection. With the Vaultek, users have multiple ways to access their valuables: a five-digit numeric keypad, a biometric fingerprint scanner, or by using its companion smartphone app for a remote unlock.

Safety Tech Accessories

Iron Brick Safe locks up your laptop, tablet for deter theft

Iron Brick SafeLaptop thefts in cars and libraries are on the rise, especially for those in college. When looking for a book or going to the restroom, many people opt to take their laptops with them instead of leaving them unattended. Laptops in cars need to be hidden for extra safety. The Iron Brick Case is a portable laptop safe that will keep your notebook or tablet safe on the go. It’s particularly handy since thiner laptops and tablets don’t have a lock connector on them and may rely on clunky alternatives.. This safe comes with steel cables, several locks and a rock hard exterior to prevent theft. One Iron Brick Safe costs backers $50 with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. The Safe needs to raise $23,500 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

Automotive Safety

Doughnut Safe gives your spare tire another way to protect you

Doughnut SafePeople often travel with valuables in their car, but rarely have peace of mind about the safety of their things unless they use a clunky and heavy safe. Doughnut Safe takes advantage of space you already have in your car by turning your spare tire into a strongbox. The 4” x 12” product is reinforced and made out of steel to ensure that your valuables stay safe. One of these hiding-in-plain-sight products with two keys goes for $180 with an estimated delivery date of November 2014. The Doughnut Safe hopes to raise to raise $9,000 on Kickstarter in its 31-day campaign.