A tiny motion sensor, CoinGuard alerts you to mysterious movements

We all have those things that we want to keep protected from the sticky fingers and greedy curious hands of burglars, children, or even just friends and family. Aside from setting up bullet-proof cases with laser trip alarms, how can these items be protected? CoinGuard is a simple and small security system that can be laid atop any item and serve as a watchdog. If the CoinGuard is moved, it triggers the motion sensor and sends a notifcation to the user’s phone, letting them know that their item is being tampered with.

CoinGuard does this through a nearby hub that syncs up to sensors and connects to the Internet through ethernet. The system allows for some peace of mind if items are being tampered with, but this comes with one key drawback. The CoinGuard has no way of reporting who is touching the protected items, and lacks the visual recognition to deter someone who doesn’t know what CoinGuard is. So if one is away from home and their valuables are being taken, the best they can do is try and call someone to respond in time when an alert has been sent. Pilot Labs is raising $100,000 through Kickstarter, and will set backers back $45 in December.

Home Safety

Burglar Blocker reinforces your windows against the bad guys

Home and small business security appears to have gotten a bit simpler and easier.

Burglar Blocker offers the typical homeowner and small business owner the opportunity to burglarproof home and office with locks that help to deter those who would sneak around the backdoor and windows with the intent to steal, destroy and possibly worse. The gadgets appear to be relatively easy to install, though installation will require a drill. It appears that all the other pieces necessary for installation are included. The lock also comes with a steel cover and key as an added security feature, and seems like it would work well alongside a security alarm system.

For burglars who are more rude and actually bash in windows or doors, more aggressive self-protection measures may be required – although communities in some countries may frown on such measures. For €17, backers can get two products with an expected delivery of December 2014.


Swift Shade is made to block sun, snow, ice, thieves

Swift ShadeWhen a vehicle owner is out and about on a hot day, parking in a garage is not always an option. And in the dead of winter, digging out a vehicle and deicing it is an inconvenience that can take a terribly long time. Swift Shade offers a solution for both situations. In the summer, it can lower the temperature inside the vehicle 50-90 degrees. In the winter, it blocks snow and ice from gathering on windows. The wraparound product also has a built in alarm for deterring theft. For $200, backers get one product designed for a standard truck, or $400 for customization. Expected delivery is August 2014.


Hench will clench your bike, protect it from thieves

The Premise. Cycling is a popular and healthy way to get around, especially in the summertime. The only problem is that bikes get stolen all the time. Many locks are quite heavy and cumbersome to carry around when biking. And most thieves find their way around even the heftiest of locks anyway.

The Product. The HENCH bicycle lock claims resistance to all tampering techniques. It’s comprised of a chain wrapped with Kevlar, fabric and Velcro. Due to its materials, the lock is flexible and lightweight. For storage, it wraps around the bar of the bicycle or folds up making it convenient to tote around.

The Pitch. The campaign video shows the lock being hacked away at by several different tools. While the fabric will rip, the lock remains intact. The UK creator outlines his future plans for Hench in the rest of the campaign. He’s looking to produce the lock in different sizes and colors for different kinds of bicycles. Hench has a £25,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. HENCH only offers one reward tier. For £100, backers will receive one of the first Hench locks from its initial production run. Estimated delivery date is currently set at August 2014. 

The Potential. Most riders go for a U-lock like those from Kryptonite. Others choose the heavy chain, but neither of these options uses Kevlar which renders the Hench resistant to bolt cutters. Alternative locks are also difficult to transport. One must either place them in a backpack or basket or use a bracket that attaches to the bike bar. These are typically difficult to install and not that reliable. The Velcro makes for a simple way to secure the lock. All in all, the Hench bike lock, while a little on the pricey side, looks like a great new way to secure your bike while remaining unencumbered by extra weight. 

Safety Tech Accessories

Iron Brick Safe locks up your laptop, tablet for deter theft

Iron Brick SafeLaptop thefts in cars and libraries are on the rise, especially for those in college. When looking for a book or going to the restroom, many people opt to take their laptops with them instead of leaving them unattended. Laptops in cars need to be hidden for extra safety. The Iron Brick Case is a portable laptop safe that will keep your notebook or tablet safe on the go. It’s particularly handy since thiner laptops and tablets don’t have a lock connector on them and may rely on clunky alternatives.. This safe comes with steel cables, several locks and a rock hard exterior to prevent theft. One Iron Brick Safe costs backers $50 with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. The Safe needs to raise $23,500 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.