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Eazyshot dispenser keeps the good times simply flowing

Large and sophisticated robot bartenders have been featured on commercials for cruise ships, but simpler and less expensive models are making a pitch to be the next countertop appliance. Many of them seek to make a wide variety of drinks, even employing Keurig-like pods for cocktails.

Eazyshot, though, keeps it simple with a limited range of shots in its egg-like form. Liquors are filled up in its refillable tube-like reservoirs to make variations of “Mexicans” and “Bombers” from the tap of a companion app. The device can even function as a Bluetooth speaker to kep the party tunes accompanying the party. The Eazyshot is expected to retail for about  $495 but early bird rewards have started at about $345. The campaign is seeking $65,000 CAD (about $49,137) by September 24th.

The best part of Eazyshot is its portability, including the ability to run on battery power. Its smaller size means it can’t make the variety of drinks of other bartender bots, but — let’s face it — these are something of a novelty right now anyway.

Food and Beverage

Kickstick mixes a bottle and straw for imbibing fun

KickstickMost people have no trouble drinking shots or mixed drinks, but in case you’ve ever run into trouble, try Kickstick. This versatile product is a mini liquor or energy drink holder. By removing the bottom, the drinker can shoot whatever is in the tube or easily mix the liquid into another drink. The top functions as a straw and makes it easy to drink on the go. Kickstick is perfect for frat bros or college students who need to get liquor into their bodies even faster than normal. The fun but brazen campaign doesn’t say this, so we will… drink responsibly. One of these receptacles costs backers $25 with a delivery date of July 2014. Kickstick needs to raise $10,000 in its 30-day campaign.