Connected Objects Sleep

Say hello to better mornings with the Kello bedside companion

For most people, mornings are a drag because of a lack of sleep. This leads to haphazrd, rushed mornings with barely any time to take a sip of coffee let alone wake up appropriately. And with more and more people dozing off to the drama of late-night Netflix binges or the glow of a smartphone, they’re experiencing more difficulty getting the kind of sound, restful sleep crucial to a successful day.

With the prevalence of this problem comes a glut of products designed to address it. Kello Labs’ Kello is a bedside companion not designed to be an alarm clock but rather a sleep trainer to help people achieve the kind of restorative sleep they need. Kello boasts a wide range of sleep programs in its tiny frame. Together, they can help users do everything from fall asleep faster (with a program that asks users to match their breath to a pattern of lights to more easily relax), snooze less (offering users just three chances a week to snooze), wake up earlier (by shaving minutes off each morning until users naturally wake up earlier), and even take better power naps. 

Connected Objects Kids/Babies Sleep

REMI tracks and trains tykes and toddlers through sleep, helps twitchy parents take a load off

For the first 10 years of a child’s life, making sure they receive adequate amounts of care and attention can be difficult. Often, parents are winging it, slowly learning from the advice given by others and the mistakes they made. Their lack of sleep makes it that much more difficult.

REMI is a Bluetooth-connected sleep alarm looking to kill two birds with one stone by being a device that exists as a sleep tracker for babies and as a sleep trainer for children. By tracking sounds at night, REMI’s sleep tracking capabilities create sets of information parents can use to make informed decisions about their general well-being. As a sleep trainer, it’s designed with a cute, customizable display that lets children know when it’s time to get up in the morning.