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REMI tracks and trains tykes and toddlers through sleep, helps twitchy parents take a load off

For the first 10 years of a child’s life, making sure they receive adequate amounts of care and attention can be difficult. Often, parents are winging it, slowly learning from the advice given by others and the mistakes they made. Their lack of sleep makes it that much more difficult.

REMI is a Bluetooth-connected sleep alarm looking to kill two birds with one stone by being a device that exists as a sleep tracker for babies and as a sleep trainer for children. By tracking sounds at night, REMI’s sleep tracking capabilities create sets of information parents can use to make informed decisions about their general well-being. As a sleep trainer, it’s designed with a cute, customizable display that lets children know when it’s time to get up in the morning.

The device connects to a fully controllable iOS or Android app that lets parents listen in, play lullabies, or even upload a child’s favorite song as an alarm, doubling as a Bluetooth speaker when they finally are awake. $69 gets parents a sound, full night’s sleep by March 2016. REMI is looking for $50,000 by November 22nd, 2015.

There are a few ideas as to how best to soothe a baby to sleep, from Lullafi’s reproduction of car vibrations to Quiet Night’s (dubious) use of classical music, but REMI is the most comprehensive. Its set of features are considered and are all parents need to work their way back up to a 7 hours-of-sleep kind of night. Baby steps, of course.

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