SteriShoe 2.0 zaps the noisome from your Nikes

Shoes are rarely cleaned, even though we spend all day in them. There’s no real way to disinfect them. Most will either wash their insoles, risk ruining the shoes in the wash or simply throw them away when they become too smelly. There’s a ton of gross bacteria that can build up in our shoes and we pretty much have no way of fight them. Introducing the SteriShoe 2.0. This updated version of the SteriShoe uses UVC lights to disinfect shoes. The product is shoe, shaped, obviously, and has two metal prongs that sit in the shoe. It also features a fan to dry the shoes since lots fungi thrives in dark wet environments. One of these sterilizing footwear products will cost backers a $99 donation or only $89 if they’re early enough. Estimated delivery is set for December 2014. SteriShoe 2.0 has a campaign goal of $60,000 on Kickstarter.

The new SteriShoe 2.0 improves upon the old model’s controller and prong shape. SteriShoe 2.0 is a great solution for shoe ickiness problems. It would be nice if the campaign provided a little more data on the product’s effectiveness in fighting germs. Still if it at least eliminates odor then it’s a worthy investment, especially since it’s not a disposable product like most shoe fixes seem to be. Going off of the first SteriShoe model’s Amazon reviews, it looks like the one complaint was that the shape was not ideal for high heels, but still works great for loafers and sneakers. All in all, a good way to fight smell and bacteria in a simple way.


Stingray seeks to eradicate those little trees hanging off your rearview mirror

Many people enjoy using various aromas in their vehicle to keep the air fresh. But what if there were an air freshener device that would allow for variety at the press of a button and also helped people to stay healthier during cold and flu season?

Stingray is an air freshening device that uses various natural aromatizes to enhance respiratory health. It doesn’t require any special tools or skills to install, and is touted as having reliable fastening in any situation, even if one is into doing 4×4 truck shows in which one hits the ramps, goes airborne, and lands with a crowd pleasing, high wheeling thud (see video).  As for normal drivers, they may be more interested to know about having the option of four scents, which can be changed at any time of their choosing at the press of a button. The fragrances release every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, with an “extra” button that can be used at any time.  Stingray automatically shuts off when the car is turned off, and is hardy enough to withstand extremely cold temperatures. It also has two USB charging ports.

Stingray could be enjoyed by pretty much anyone who drives a vehicle. It would be nice to know what scents will be offered with the product, if they ever need to be replaced and where or how one would get the refills, but this is not clearly indicated. This campaign is seeking to raise $200,000 by November 14, 2014. For $69, early bird backers get one product.


PURGGO naturally freshens, leggos the stench in your car

The Premise. Cars have a tendency to get smelly over time. They’re hard to clean and some smells just want to stick around forever. Air fresheners tend to add artificial fragrances to the stench and don’t actually eliminate odors. Other cleaning methods are costly, like shampooing your car’s seats, and only work once.

The Product. PURGGO is an all-natural product designed to take the stink out of your car. It loops around a car’s headrest and lays on the back of the seat. With a blue strap and hemp body, it’s stylish and unobtrusive. The product uses bamboo and charcoal to trap odors in order to purify your car. PURGGO is fragrance- and allergen-free and won’t exacerbate asthma. In addition, it’s made with bamboo and charcoal, two materials that are easily renewable.

The Pitch. PURGGO’s campaign videos goes through the harmful effects of car fresheners. They discuss how these mass-produced products aren’t doing what they promise to do and are also dangerous to our health. Not only is PURGGO all natural, but it’s also environmentally friendly. The rest of the campaign discusses the various odors that worm their way into your vehicle along with testimonials from satisfied customers. PURGGO hopes to raise $20,000 in a month-long Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For $29, backers will receive the PURGGO along with two mini PURGGOs. At the $54 level, backers get two PURGGOs for estimated delivery in December 2014. Reward tiers reach up to $10,000, which only earns a hug from the PURGGO creators.

The Potential. The market offers plenty of all-natural car fresheners. Most use essential oils to improve the car’s scent along with a diffuser that plugs into the outlet. Still, these products resort to strong-smelling cover-ups instead of long-lasting solutions. PURGGO claims to last for over a year while other car fresheners only make it a month and a half. While PURGGO does work slower than others, as clearly stated in the campaign, it seems the cleanest way to remove the stench from any kind of vehicle. 


The smell-binding oPhone DUO is an olfactory factory

The Premise. Ever hear of that hoax involving a TV station claiming to transmit scent through a product called Smellovision? And hundreds of people claimed to smell it? It seems that these folks really wanted a way to smell scents through their devices. 

The Product. Introducing the oPhone DUO, a new way to send scents along with text messages to give your friends a full sensory experience. It is an iPad sized device with two pillars that raise up a diffuse scent to the receiver. Using several oChips that work together, the device is able to produce over 300,000 unique aromas. With its accompanying app, the user can take a photo of a place, food, drink, etc., choose different scents to pair it with and send it off to the recipient. From their phone, the recipient can open the image and scent and use the oPhone DUO to smell it. 

The Pitch. The stylish campaign video oozes Parisian style and sophistication, but offers no smells. In the remainder of the campaign, different photos show oPhone DUO users smelling the device, which looks a little funny. The creator also explains different attempts at smell-transmitting devices in the past that have failed, which doesn’t exactly evoke the sweet smell of victory. This odorous product hopes to raise $150,000 in its month and a half long Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. For $199 backers can enjoy the oPhone DUO along with a set of different smelling oChips. Higher tiers offer more smell varieties. Reward tiers reach up to $20,000 with an estimated delivery date of April 2015. Stretch goals set at $300,000, $2,000,000, and $5,000,000 are set for more scents, a smaller oPhone DUO version and an aromatic camera. 

The Potential. Other products have tried and failed to produce scent to accompany pictures and sounds. For instance, the iSmell operated under the same concept as the oPhone, but failed miserably in its attempt to work. It seems a little strange to want to send someone else smells. And the device begs the question, does it deal in bad smells as well? Still, if aromas are your game and you’re looking for a way to connect on an olfactory level with a loved one, what better way than to do so with the oPhone DUO?