PURGGO naturally freshens, leggos the stench in your car

The Premise. Cars have a tendency to get smelly over time. They’re hard to clean and some smells just want to stick around forever. Air fresheners tend to add artificial fragrances to the stench and don’t actually eliminate odors. Other cleaning methods are costly, like shampooing your car’s seats, and only work once.

The Product. PURGGO is an all-natural product designed to take the stink out of your car. It loops around a car’s headrest and lays on the back of the seat. With a blue strap and hemp body, it’s stylish and unobtrusive. The product uses bamboo and charcoal to trap odors in order to purify your car. PURGGO is fragrance- and allergen-free and won’t exacerbate asthma. In addition, it’s made with bamboo and charcoal, two materials that are easily renewable.

The Pitch. PURGGO’s campaign videos goes through the harmful effects of car fresheners. They discuss how these mass-produced products aren’t doing what they promise to do and are also dangerous to our health. Not only is PURGGO all natural, but it’s also environmentally friendly. The rest of the campaign discusses the various odors that worm their way into your vehicle along with testimonials from satisfied customers. PURGGO hopes to raise $20,000 in a month-long Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For $29, backers will receive the PURGGO along with two mini PURGGOs. At the $54 level, backers get two PURGGOs for estimated delivery in December 2014. Reward tiers reach up to $10,000, which only earns a hug from the PURGGO creators.

The Potential. The market offers plenty of all-natural car fresheners. Most use essential oils to improve the car’s scent along with a diffuser that plugs into the outlet. Still, these products resort to strong-smelling cover-ups instead of long-lasting solutions. PURGGO claims to last for over a year while other car fresheners only make it a month and a half. While PURGGO does work slower than others, as clearly stated in the campaign, it seems the cleanest way to remove the stench from any kind of vehicle. 

Camping Cooking

Charby handles the dirty work out of portable charcoal BBQs.

CharbyDie-hard BBQ fans rave about the superiority of charcoal grilling. While perhaps more tasty, charcoal grills do not necessarily travel well. Charby debunks this notion as a portable charcoal BBQ. This nifty little grill is perfect for the beach, campgrounds or park and closely resembles Campfire in a Can. While normally people on the go resort to cooking over a fire, they can now enjoy an easy an convenient charcoal experience with Charby. This New Zealand-made product costs backers $50 NZD with expected delivery in October 2014. Charby is going for a $2,000 NZD goal on Kickstarter.

Luggage and Bags

Bag-Straps gets a handle on carrying awkward big bags

Picture 1Large cumbersome paper bags for charcoal or pet food make life a whole lot harder. Schlepping them around with no handles is definitely a two-handed affair. Clever Bag-Straps allow people with pets or grills to carry and store these bags much more effectively. A plastic handle attached to a Velcro strap makes sealing these large paper bags finally possible. One of these straps goes for $15 at the early-bird price or $20 at the regular price with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Bag-Straps hopes to raise $40,000 in its 35 day Kickstarter campaign. The Web site offers more photos, instructions and contact information.