Connected Objects Sleep

Spritely connected alarm system enforces “Ya snooze, ya lose.”

Sometimes it’s just one of those days where even getting out of bed looms as a¬†huge challenge. And by this point, it’s well known that none of the most commonplace smart devices in people’s lives really help that much. If it has a snooze button, it pretty much means the person still wrapped in their cozy comforter is not going anywhere.

Enter Spritely, the dual sleep tracker and alarm designed to help users achieve better rest and wake up on time. By placing it under a bed between the mattress and boxspring, Spritely is able to track and monitor sleep and send insights and personalized tips straight to a Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android device. And when morning strikes, Spritely wakes users up during their lightest sleep using their own Spotify, Soundcloud, or personal music libraries.

There’s no escape, either. With backup power installed, nothing will make its alarm shut off outside of staying out of bed. A bold proposal, sure, but one that’s designed to nab the determined napper. Spritely is going for $99, 17% off its eventual MSRP, and is expected to ship in December of 2016. Its campaign is looking for $100,000 by February 29th, 2016.

It’s clear: snooze is the enemy. While the ThinkPillow boasts similar sleep-tracking and body position monitoring capabilities and the feature-heavy Beddi wakes users up with similar music library integration, they both ultimately still let users press the snooze button. In contrast. Spritely is a smart decision for chronic oversleepers. Let’s see if it rises (and shines) to the occasion.