Squat Master could provide fit glutes, another clothes rack

One of the best exercises out there is the squat. It’s a full body move that many personal trainers and gym rats reserve as their favorite for seeing results. The key to a good squat is to keep the feet and knees in line. This prevents injury or awkward movements. The Squat Master works to do just that. Looking much like any other gym tool, the Squat Master keeps the user’s feet and knees aligned with the help of its structure of foam rollers. Handlebars make it easy to squat farther down than without the help of this product. The campaign video demonstrates the limits of a free-form squat versus the range of the Squat Master squat. One of these simple fitness devices will cost backers $179, with two early bird prices of $149 and $164 for delivery in January 2015. Squat Master hopes to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter.

It’s quite true that squats are included in the repertoire of many workout regimes either in the gym or at home. Up until now, regular squats seemed to have worked just fine. Like many other machines that aid athletes in working out, the question remains: Does the help make the workout less effective? By adding handlebars and stabilizers for the legs, it seems like the Squat Master is completely taking away the balance needed to perform a squat which is most of the challenge. This product may be great for older fitness buffs who have knee or ankle trouble, but young athletes could probably do just find without.