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Submersible Wi-Fi Camera keeps finned friends in check

The fragile ecosystem of a tended aquarium is one that requires constant attention and care, lest users come home to dead fish every day. When the eco-system is thrown off, it’s important to know why in order to fix the problem.

This is the issue Chris Rusnak is proposing to solve with his Submersible Wi-Fi Aquarium Camera. As this wasn’t a job suitable for a side-mounted GoPro camera, he instead wants to start from scratch developing something that will allow him to check in using his smartphone or other device over Wi-Fi. Each camera comes equipped with pan and tilt capabilities for a full view of the tank.

It’s bad to say, but fish are quite inexpensive and the thought of maintaining an eco-system might seem like a lot of work for some. Still, once this product is designed, a list of instructions and components will cost backers $25, and is expected March 2015 with a successfully funded campaign of $620. Combine this with the AquaSprouts to put those fish to work, too.

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Drytunes delivers the sound waves while in water waves

DrytunesThere is a veritable ocean of Bluetooth speakers out there, but how many can be used in the ocean? If the creator of Drytunes has its way, you’ll be able to pack up your troubles, or at least a few of your valuables, in music-spewing suitcase enclosure and toss it straight into the water without worry about damage. Project creator Michael Applebaum uses his radio-friendly voice to tell the story for the submersible speaker system. This includes having people express surprise at how good it sounds, although such demonstrations are of course hard to appreciate through whatever speakers you may be using. Drytunes is being made offered to backers for $315, or $299 if you catch the early bird and should be available in March 2014.