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XY Share It squares up photos with your circle of friends

Since the dawn of the digital camera and years into the smartphones imaging revolution that launched billions of photos around the Internet, syncing up photos with friends, family and fellow party guests is a game of jumping through digital hoops using a barrage of services with different tradeoffs: Facebook, Dropbox, Google Photos, iCloud photo sharing and on and on.

XY Share It offers a twist on photo sharing that addresses the sometimes surprisingly difficulty in sharing photos with mobile devices that may be right next to you. By introducing a small Bluetooth gadget similar to the locator tags (such as the one created by the company) that have deluged crowdfunding platforms, one can easily and securely share photo with those who have the tag. Essentially, the small squareish device acts as an authentication device.

Pets Video

Submersible Wi-Fi Camera keeps finned friends in check

The fragile ecosystem of a tended aquarium is one that requires constant attention and care, lest users come home to dead fish every day. When the eco-system is thrown off, it’s important to know why in order to fix the problem.

This is the issue Chris Rusnak is proposing to solve with his Submersible Wi-Fi Aquarium Camera. As this wasn’t a job suitable for a side-mounted GoPro camera, he instead wants to start from scratch developing something that will allow him to check in using his smartphone or other device over Wi-Fi. Each camera comes equipped with pan and tilt capabilities for a full view of the tank.

It’s bad to say, but fish are quite inexpensive and the thought of maintaining an eco-system might seem like a lot of work for some. Still, once this product is designed, a list of instructions and components will cost backers $25, and is expected March 2015 with a successfully funded campaign of $620. Combine this with the AquaSprouts to put those fish to work, too.

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Pantelligent takes the guesswork out of cooking; makes sure you can stand the heat in the kitchen

Objects everywhere around us are becoming smarter. It’s now a cinch to keep lawns watered, pets fed, temperatures regulated, security systems activated and so much more. What could be next?

Pantelligent lets you cook smarter. This Bluetooth enabled pan monitors the temperature of its surface and sends the data to an accompanying smartphone app. It tracks heat to make sure that the food won’t burn or sit there cold. The app also comes equipped with recipes for salmon, steak, chicken, scallops and much more. For added convenience, the recipes can be read out loud so you’re not stuck hunched over instructions. In addition, the recipe will indicate when the cut of meat needs to be flipped over. Pantelligent also allows for new recipes to be put in, so that it can be used for everyone’s food preferences.

The scores of testimonials on the campaign page say that Pantelligent helped cook the best meals of different people’s lives. Someone says it’s like a GPS for cooking. All in all, Pantelligent seems to live up to the hype as a unique product useful for many. It’s unclear how Pantelligent cooks red meat, however, or if it can work with different meat temperatures. Still, many still find cooking a mystery and this product clears up a lot of the guesswork. For $199, backers can have their very own with estimated delivery set for August 2015. This product is looking to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter.


GrillOven is a dome on the range

One of the best time-saving techniques in the kitchen is when a meal can be cooked all in one pan or baking dish. GrillOven allows for it to be cooked all in one multipurpose gadget. It’s made of industrial quality stainless steel, and the dome shape helps to keep the heat in and reduces the time of cooking. This kitchen tool can be used for baking pot pies, quiches, and pizza; smoking, baking or grilling meats; steaming vegetables and more. It’s portable, but a small chicken or nine inch pizza can still fit in it.

Those who cook know that some dishes require browning on the stove and then cooking in the oven. GrillOven combines these two processes in one in a cool and unique way. It may, however, be a bit awkward to store in over-crowded cupboards. This campaign seeks to raise $35,000 by December 27, 2014. For $13, backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015.


MasterPan has the master plan for cooking a whole meal at once

When cooking a quality meal on the stove, multiple pans are always needed in order to keep everything separated. This results in more energy used, more pans to wash and a cluttered kitchen. The aptly named Master Pan combines the functionality of several different pans into one. The non-stick skillet has five separated sections, one long one in the middle and two on each side. This product is perfect for cooking a variety of delicious items. Safe for the dishwasher and oven, the Master Pan is a great addition for the kitchen. One will cost backers $49 with estimated delivery in December 2014. The Master Pan hopes to cook up $45,000 on Kickstarter.

Other sectioned skillets on the markets have fairly specific functions, like the Lodge Cornbread Skillet which has eight pizza slice looking sections and is intended for cooking cornbread. The Master Pan features differently-sized compartments, making it easier to cook different types of items at once. With the added bonus of saving energy and pans to wash, the Master Pan has many desirable features. The campaign shows several examples of menu items that can be cooked with the pan, including an egg sandwich in progress with bacon in the middle, and eggs, onions and peppers on the sides. Because of the smaller sections, the Master Pan couldn’t really be used for large families, however, it is still a great product for those living alone who don’t want to dirty large pans for small food.


BaKon BaKer produces porcine perfection in the oven

BaKon BaKer  bbcc611fc04d6d57176d1ce96fcc3294_large[1]The maker of BaKon BaKer devotes most of his narrative to a sad tale of unfortunate circumstances. Either he cooks the bacon and cleans up the mess, or his wife will go shopping, spend all his money, and force them to move in with the in-laws because they can no longer make the house payment.  This threat is apparently what inspired the BaKon BaKer, which allows the user to cook bacon in the oven, hence: less mess, easier clean-up, and a peaceful marriage, something both partners can appreciate regardless of who brings home the bacon. For $22, bakers get one BaKon BaKer with an estimated delivery of June 2014.