BaKon BaKer produces porcine perfection in the oven

BaKon BaKer  bbcc611fc04d6d57176d1ce96fcc3294_large[1]The maker of BaKon BaKer devotes most of his narrative to a sad tale of unfortunate circumstances. Either he cooks the bacon and cleans up the mess, or his wife will go shopping, spend all his money, and force them to move in with the in-laws because they can no longer make the house payment.  This threat is apparently what inspired the BaKon BaKer, which allows the user to cook bacon in the oven, hence: less mess, easier clean-up, and a peaceful marriage, something both partners can appreciate regardless of who brings home the bacon. For $22, bakers get one BaKon BaKer with an estimated delivery of June 2014.

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