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XY Share It squares up photos with your circle of friends

Since the dawn of the digital camera and years into the smartphones imaging revolution that launched billions of photos around the Internet, syncing up photos with friends, family and fellow party guests is a game of jumping through digital hoops using a barrage of services with different tradeoffs: Facebook, Dropbox, Google Photos, iCloud photo sharing and on and on.

XY Share It offers a twist on photo sharing that addresses the sometimes surprisingly difficulty in sharing photos with mobile devices that may be right next to you. By introducing a small Bluetooth gadget similar to the locator tags (such as the one created by the company) that have deluged crowdfunding platforms, one can easily and securely share photo with those who have the tag. Essentially, the small squareish device acts as an authentication device.

A companion app lets you shoot selected photos or albums to those in possession of the product. The San Diego-based creators seek $45,000 in its Flexible Funding Indiegogo campaign by September 12th. A tag costs $45 but the $80 two-pack makes more sense as an initial purchase since two are really needed to get started.

XY Share It takes on a problem that seems like it should have been solved long ago and for which new standards (such as the ambitious AllJoyn) await on the horizon. However, the device too has its limitations and its narrow focus stands in the way of it becoming a must-have product. There are already free, cross-platform apps (such as SHAREIt) that have improved the device-to-device sharing issue for a wider variety of files and don’t require bringing along an extra piece of hardware.

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