The Egg boiler tells water it can go to shell

We love eating eggs and there are a million ways to prepare them: boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, over easy, and the list goes on. However, eggs are delicate and to get a hard boiled or soft boiled egg, it’s difficult to tell how runny the inside is without cracking the egg open. The Egg is a portable egg-boiler. Set up to four eggs inside, close the lid, and hit the button. When it’s done, you’ll have perfectly soft boiled eggs. The Egg comes with size and temperature monitors for the eggs, runs on ion battery and allows the owner to calibrate how cooked they want their eggs to be, much like a toaster. The Egg can be used anywhere from picnics to camping trips because it doesn’t require water to use. This British product will cost backers £75 (about $121) on Kickstarter with estimated delivery for April 2015. The Egg is looking to raise £50,000 (about $80,000) in its campaign.

While a little steep in price, The Egg offers a cool kind of convenience unthought of before. Not only is it useful that The Egg soft boils eggs to perfection, but it’s also portable, a nice feature. The Krups Egg Cooker boils eggs in a neat, little package as well, but plugs into the wall and requires water. In order to up its game in future models, The Egg may want to consider adding more slots for more eggs. Even so, for quick, easy, albeit expensive egg-cooking, consider donating to The Egg.