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The Sippy portable espresso maker offers a caffeine fix anywhere

The experience of enjoying a rich, creamy espresso is one usually regulated to the home or to the swanky cafe down the street, to the chagrin of anyone on the go. While powdered coffee solutions exist, they’re really no substitute for the real thing.

Fikra Design’s Sippy espresso maker was designed precisely for this reason. A lightweight, machine grade aluminium tube houses all the machinery necessary to make espressos anywhere, no battery necessary. By combining a CO2 cartridge with an espresso cartridge from Nespresso or Duck Coffee along with some hot water, a 25-35ml espresso can be made within a minute or two. With each CO2 cartridge able to make between 5-6 espressos, the Sippy is perfect for outdoor excursions or days spent running around the city. $169 gets decaffeinated backers a Sippy by June 2016. Fikra Designs is looking for $45,000 by December 22nd, 2015.

The company behind the Sippy claims the quality of espresso generated by the Sippy to be comparable to that of one brewed at home. The opportunity is certainly there for them to make a splash in the market if that’s the case. Most coffee based crowdfunded products like Brewover 2.0 concern themselves with offering different ways of brewing at home or help you carry around coffee previously made at home, and while some offer a more portable solution, they’re not as sleek and as well-designed as the Sippy.

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