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Tug helps protect iPhone cables from wear and tear

Tug  58cb2b7e129f265934e5d18346cf7bae_large[1]iPhone cables often get a lot of abuse, and it can be a pricey hassle when they break. A cord that frays, bubbles or kinks might be able to be fixed with that all-purpose tool known as duck tape or the high-tech touch of Sugru, but what if there were a way to prevent it from happening at all? That would be where Tug comes in. The rubber protector slips onto your iPhone cord and gives added stability and strength. One drawback here is that it is presently only available for Lightning cables befitting the Phone 5s, 5c, iPad mini, and iPad Air, but plans to develop it for Android and previous iPhone models are in the works. For $11, a backer gets one Tug and an estimated delivery of August 2014.

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