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Varius Dock mixes two mobile things on its block

Varius dockKickstarter has been something of a haven for iPhone docks ever since the Elevation Dock raised almost $1.5 million in a groundbreaking campaign. ¬†While that product featured one look and was engineered for one phone, the Varius Dock subscribes to the “flat Earth” theory both with its low-profile base and support for bearkt every popular smartphone and tablet on the planet. Product design Michael Schoening splits his campaign videos between a featured product showcase and a more personal appeal later on the campaign page. But that’s nothing compared to the no less than 12 reward tiers. Selecting one of them will get you the Varius Dock for $69, a $20 discount. But the stronger appeal is probably for people who want to charge multiple devices, which is $10 more. They are slated to start juicing up your mobile screens in April 2014.

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