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Koffee Cap brings morning roast and plastic to the woods

Ahh, the great outdoors. For most, it’s a rarely visited oasis of natural beauty that creates a special connection harkening back to simpler times. But parting ways with the concrete jungle doesn’t mean that the daily dosage of caffeine isn’t coming along for the ride. What to do when one can’t order their molto-venti-frappe-grande-mocha-latte?

The Koffee Cap is a portable K-Cup brewer for those unable to swap out their black gold with the invigorating fresh air of the outdoors. The top of the Koffee Cap holds a pin that breaks a K-Cup’s seal when the body of the product is squeezed, forcing hot water through it to concoct a cup ‘o joe.

No machine or electricity is necessary, making the Koffee Cap perfect not only for camping but also for small living spaces like dorms. When coffee needs are met, its elastic body allows it to fold up into a mug for maximum portability. Each Koffee Cap is going for $25 and is expected to ship in June 2016. The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $14,400 by March 13th, 2016.

While inventor Jeff Mahoney’s capacity for a good design isn’t in doubt, the K-Cup’s stunningly disastrous impact to the environment is well-documented, actively protested daily. While reusable K-Cups can fit within the Koffee Cap, it’s not a certainty that one will. Taking K-Cups into the woods is a sign of wastefulness and shortsighted thinking. Take a look at the Hotshot for a slightly greener alternative.

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