Food and Beverage

Koffee Cap brings morning roast and plastic to the woods

Ahh, the great outdoors. For most, it’s a rarely visited oasis of natural beauty that creates a special connection harkening back to simpler times. But parting ways with the concrete jungle doesn’t mean that the daily dosage of caffeine isn’t coming along for the ride. What to do when one can’t order their molto-venti-frappe-grande-mocha-latte?

The Koffee Cap is a portable K-Cup brewer for those unable to swap out their black gold with the invigorating fresh air of the outdoors. The top of the Koffee Cap holds a pin that breaks a K-Cup’s seal when the body of the product is squeezed, forcing hot water through it to concoct a cup ‘o joe.

Food and Beverage Organization

Abacus coffee pod rack aligns your pods in hanging squads

Most of us use Keurig machines or something quite similar. As a result, our cupboards are inundated with K-Cups, pods, and other products. The Abacus Pod Rack goes in the kitchen and attaches to the underside or just side of any cabinet. Coming in several colors, this rack won’t be an eyesore. It stores columns of pods/cups to make choosing the perfect beverage easier. To insert, slide up and in. To remove, just pull each cup out. It holds up to 36 pods and attaches with adhesive strips. One of these Aussie products will cost $19 AUD. Abacus hopes to raise $15,000 AUD on Kickstarter.

With the prevalence of convenient coffee machines in people’s home, this product makes sense for storage. It’s more for the beverage enthusiast who has lots of different flavors for their brewer. There are lots of other storage options out there, however, like the DecoBros organizer that keeps K-Cups in a mini drawer. Nonetheless, Abacus comes with the perk of keeping your counters clear by adhering to cabinets. While this may be more for the finicky of heart, it’s a great storage solution for those little pods that fuel America.