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SpyderGrip keeps your tunes source as solid as your biceps

The Premise. Working out with music is essential for most fitness buffs. A great song can kick up your energy like nothing else. Unfortunately, armbands that hold music players can interrupt instead of enhance your workout. Wires constantly get caught, yanking earbuds out of your head.

The Product. SpyderGrip is a a sensible alternative to the armband holder, holding music players on the upper back instead of on the biceps. It looks like a small backpack and sits on the upper back while looping around the shoulders. The SpyderGrip is compatible with all Apple and Android music players. The holder is completely sweat- and water-poof. Currently, color choices include black and gray or black and pink.

The Pitch. SpyderGrip’s Indiegogo campaign shows how many prototypes the product went through until it was ready for the market. The video shows a buff gym rat having trouble with his armband while working out and then how much easier using the SpyderGrip is. The creators of this fitness accessory hope to raise $10,000 in their campaign. As addicted to crowdfunding as some of their customers might be to the gym, the creators of SpyderGrip have run two previous campaigns on Kickstarter. The first was unsuccessful in June 2013, but the second reached its goal in December 2013.

The Perks. Two early-bird specials make SpyderGrip available to backers at the discounted prices of $29 and $32 with a choice of either gray or pink. At a regular price, the grip goes for $39. Reward tiers go up to $99 with an estimated delivery date of April 2014. The campaign details several stretch goals which include $17,000 to include an inner pouch and $15,000 to make pink more readily available. The video talks about adding a Bluetooth remote to make volume adjustments and song changes possible, but no stretch goals have yet been set for that addition.

The Potential. Anything that makes a workout look more suave is always welcome. It’s such a pain to be fiddling with earbuds when you’re trying to get your sweat on. Currently, there are few armband alternatives out there, giving SpyderGrip an edge on the market. The added Bluetooth remote will be especially intriguing since the only drawback of SpyderGrip is that changing music is difficult when your iPod is behind you.

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