Sports Video

The AirDog drone takes amazing videos of action sports

airdogThe GoPro camera revolutionized the way extreme sports enthusiasts captured footage of their stunts and amazing feats, but the camera angles were limited, required someone to follow the action separately, or came out too shaky and jarring. AirDog is a remote-controlled quadcopter drone that can be programmed via smartphone or that can simply follow the action by tracking a bracelet and keeping it in frame, recording it through a GoPro. The finished product is remarkably smooth, and examples of what the AirDog can do make up the vast majority of the product’s introduction video. AirDog takes flight in November 2014 for $1,195.


Portable Pop and Lock helps capture the shot

popandlockSerious photographers need serious equipment. Taking a selfie at arm’s length is fine if you’re using a stock smartphone camera, but a quality camera calls for a quality camera support. The aptly-named Pop and Lock is an adjustable, sturdy camera support that can be configured a number of ways with four joints that can be locked into place at any 45 degree angle without losing stability. For those who want to beef up their GoPro footage or phone photos, the Pop and Lock is compatible. The campaign video shows off the fun side of the product while still doing a good job of selling its features. Pop and Lock launches in July for $129, far less than many other stabilizers.

Cell Phone Accessories Video

GoPhone weds GoPro to iPhone in protective case of extreme capture

Go Phone iPhone case ba0e3633e1e631062b06ffb49df0ea9b_large[1]If you are a sports enthusiast with aspirations of going pro or someday engaging in the Olympics, you may find the GoPhone iPhone case to be a useful tool for sharpening your game. The iPhone case is intended to be compatible with an iPhone 5 and 5s. The case doubles as a handle and monitor for a GoPro camera. The GoPro app allows the user to have a monitor for their device through the iPhone screen via its wireless technology. The GoPhone case then allows the user to connect the two so that it becomes an all-in-one portable camera kit. Depending on what a person is trying to accomplish and their creativity level, it’s possible that just using an iPhone mount would work just as well as the GoPhone iPhone case. For a pledge of $40, backers get a complete product with an estimated delivery date of September 2014.

Automotive Video

Window-Wedge makes it easy for GoPro to come along for the ride

window wedgeAmateur filmmakers have been revolutionizing at-home videos with the GoPro mountable camera, and innovators are constantly looking for ways to help videographers mount those cameras in new places. The Window-Wedge eschews suction cups and lets users to easily attach their GoPro camera to the window of almost any car by simply clipping the mount to the top of the car window. As an added bonus, the mount works to film the interior and exterior of the  car. So if backers wanted to film the occupants of a vehicle having an argument for a short film (right, Jerry Seinfeld?), or film a car chase scene in the rain, they could do it. That’s right – the mount creates a water-tight seal, so the interior of the car isn’t going to suffer. The early bird offer on the deal is $15 for the Window-Wedge, which is a really good price for camera equipment.