Imaging Tech Accessories

Infinity Arm offers a variety of ways to mount your GoPro or other camera

Small mountable cameras like the GoPro enabled action sports enthusiasts and other filmmakers to take the craft to brand new angles and locations. The Infinity Arm tackles two of the biggest problems that GoPro accessories have. First, the Infinity Arm is lightweight and easy to mount on virtually any sturdy surface, creating even more opportunities for creative filmmaking. Second, the arm is incredibly sturdy, not breaking apart while being shaken or put under even the harshest conditions.

To make this an even better product for filmmakers, Infinity Arm works equally well with DSLR and other professional movie cameras. What this creates is a tool that anyone shooting a movie from amateur to professional will want to have on hand at all times. Infinity Arm has interchangeable mounts that are quick and easy to swap out without compromising the structural durability of the arm itself. Made out of aluminum and steel, Infinity Arm is tough enough to handle any assignment and turn out great, eye-catching shots in any and all environments. Creators 27Notch are asking for $50,000 to finish off the last bit of necessary funding to bring their product to market. Interested consumers can grab an Infinity Arm for $179, with an estimated delivery in February 2015.


Cycling Imaging

INDIGLO saves handlebar space by doubling up action cam mounts

Bicycles are fast becoming the favored mode of transportation in large, urban cities. With this increased favor comes the inevitable support of both larger companies and DIY crowd in making their ride more effective and useful. In particular, the glut of GPS devices and action cameras like the GoPro have offered riders ways to make their rides more efficient and plain fun but at the cost of handlebar space — there can only be so many attachments!

With their dual handlebar mount, INDIGLO is letting you reclaim your handlebar space and get back to riding comfortably. The mount is installed without much fuss by just using the flexible clamp bands; the top being compatible with a wide-range of Garmin GPS devices and the bottom compatible with GoPro, Garmin Virb, and Shimano Cameras. Users can also install the INDIGLO5, the company’s own flashlight as well. What the INDIGLO dual mount does, it does simply. The campaign is hoping to raise $5,000 AUD (~$4,300 USD) for success. The product is going for $50 AUD with a ship date of February 2015.


GoKnuckles is is a GoPro stabilizer that packs a punch

The GoPro changed the quality and capabilities of what a person could do on their own in terms of shooting video, and its effects are felt not just in the footage, but in the accessories that followed.

GoKnuckles are a new kind of handheld mount for the GoPro HERO camera, designed to be visually appealing as well as functional. Using a rubberized plastic and resembling brass knuckles, GoKnuckles are worn over the fingers so that by making a fist, the camera is leveled off and can get the ideal action shot while still keeping hands free to do or hold anything. GoWorx wants to raise $4,500 to make GoKnuckles a reality. Backers can get a set of GoKnuckles in November in either blue or orange for $15, more than 10% off the final retail price.

This is a product that certain has a sense of style to it, and the ability to still have open hands is a great add-on, but the limitations as far as how close the camera sits compared to other similar products makes this far from being the only mount someone would need.

Chargers/Batteries Imaging

Jolt wirelessly charges your GoPro camera

There’s nothing like being able to share an adventure with friends and family. And when the excursions are considered to be extreme in nature, sometimes they prefer to live vicariously through the one taking the adventure through video.

Jolt offers a way to make sure that each visual story told through GoPro is always captured with a fully charged and ready to go camera. The Jolt system is made up of two parts: Jolt transmitter pad and jolt battery. The pad gets plugged into a standard outlet. Then replace the GoPro battery with a Jolt battery, place on the pad, and GoPro wirelessly charges. The pad is big enough to support charging two cameras or a camera and battery.

Though Jolt is only compatible with GoPro® Hero3 or Hero3+ or Hero4, this seems like a product that will be appreciated by GoPro users. For $89, backers get one Jolt pad and two Jolt batteries with an expected delivery of March 2015.


Fire-resistant Obsidian GoPro case captures your burning building rescues

Even before man ever learned to harness its awesome power, fire has had a nasty habit of destroying things. From trees and homes to personal belongings, as Frankenstein’s monster once so eloquently put it: “Fire bad.” The Obsidian is a case for the GoPro Hero 3 camera that has a different attitude toward fire. Obsidian is flame-resistant, and can withstand temperatures beyond 2250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hotter than actual, real-life lava. This allows for better security footage for firefighters, extreme photos and videos of intense locations, or just plain experimental filmmaking.

Because the Obsidian is hinged, the GoPro can easily come in and out of the case, meaning it only stays protected when the camera needs to be protected. It also means that all the regular GoPro features are still accessible all the other times it isn’t on fire. Obsidian has run out of money for developing the product and needs to raise $55,000. Backers can grab one to protect their GoPro from anything less than being thrown into the sun for $200 in June 2015. With a product like this, you might not have any use for it, but isn’t it nice to have just in case?


TriClops shines more than a little light on your GoPro videos

TriClopsGoPro cameras are all the rage, as are the mounts that go with them. For anyone looking to film something at night, however, light is needed to make the footage visible. The TriClops is a high intensity display (HID) adaptive light that has several different modes for optimum shooting. Brightness can be easily adjusted along with the time the light stays on. TriClops is specifically designed to work with all GoPro cameras. The campaign is unclear on how the TriClops attaches to the camera so it’s hard to tell whether it’s supposed to be handheld or secured onto something. One will cost backers a $249 donation with a campaign goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter.


Swivit Pro helps a GoPro capture extreme action in the round

Swivit ProJust when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another way to mount your GoPro, you were wrong. The Swivit Pro offers 360 degree rotation for filming, impact resistance, weather resistance and stabilized footage. Swivit Pro joins the hoards of other GoPro mounts including the GoBall and GoRigit that claim to offer the best of stability and protection. It’s unclear how the Swivit Pro is any different, but at $25 it’s not too expensive for extreme backers. For the niche market of those looking to document their daredevil activities, the Swivit Pro fits right in. Swivit hopes to raise $10,000 with the help of Indiegogo.


Spinmount puts a new spin on the GoPro camera

SpinmountThe GoPro is the go-to camera for capturing sports and activities in motion. The Spinmount takes the GoPro and makes it even better. This camera mount allows the user to rotate the camera 360° around and has 180° pitch movement. With such freedom of motion, the Spinmount can capture any angle with ease. Spinmount joins hoards of other GoPro mounts currently on the market. Some boast stability while others claim to attach to anything. The Spinmount really emphasizes its ability to twist around in any direction. One mount will cost backers $36 AUD. This Australian product hopes to raise $16,000 AUD on Kickstarter.

Kids/Babies Video

Bibayo gives viewers a POV experience of being a baby

bibayoRomantics and those prone to dramatic and poetic dialogue have always bemoaned wanting to see the world through a child’s eyes again. Bibayo is a GoPro-style “point of view” camera that can be put in a baby’s bib to give adults some perspective into their child’s world. The footage can be shared through social media and the device also includes an accelerometer for tracking movement and can trigger the camera if unexpected movement occurs. While the device seems like a great way to capture the early life of children, backers don’t have any footage of the device itself or the video it captures, so supporters will have to take it all on faith. As a concept device, none of the reward tiers include the Bibayo itself at this time.

Cell Phone Accessories Imaging

GoRigit lets you capture your extremeness with ease

GoRigitGoPro cameras are famous for catching awesome action shots. The only problem is that it’s really hard to see what you’re filming without the proper attachments. However, being extreme doesn’t allow for tons of camera accessories. The GoRigit allows you to attach your GoPro to your iPhone, turning the phone into a large display. This case cleverly puts your phone to good use while also eliminating the need for extra gear. It comes complete with weather and shock proofing and still lets your phone maintain its call functions. One costs backers $49 with delivery set for December 2014. GoRigit hopes to raise $35,000 on Kickstarter.