Pedal Pockets keep bike pedals safe from causing scrapes and dents

pedalpocketsWho doesn’t love hitching some bikes to the roof rack and heading out on a trail or an adventure? Well, for those that have scraped the dense, rough pedals against the side of their car’s paint job, they know that a little unforeseen damage can put a damper on any ride. Out of Denver, Colorado comes Pedal Pockets, a simple, polyester-coated foam slip-on that fastens right onto bike pedals with Velcro to keep them from damaging anything they come in contact with. Pedal Pockets take only a few seconds to put on or take off, and are soft enough to reduce most impacts. People pondering pledges to Pedal Pockets can pocket a pair for $15, delivered in June.


Empowerment Bottle lets you refresh and repel

The Premise. We all have them. Those certain part of town that you prefer to avoid because of shady characters and their behavior. But what about those occasions when you don’t have an option? If you have to use mass transit to get from point A to point B, or walking from the shopping mall to your car at night makes you nervous, it’s nice to have a bit of extra protection in case something should happen.

The Product. Empowerment Bottle offers an interesting way for a water bottle to multitask when walking or cycling. The 16 ounce container not only holds your water, but also sports reflective tape. A few self defense tools include a hidden chamber that contains mace, and another for a whistle. And while an assailant might be off balance from that mace, you can give them a good wallop via the metal handle on the top of the bottle for some extra time to get to a safe place.

The Pitch. The video for the $17,500 campaign starts out well with music that’s refreshingly different than the typical crowdfunding fare. Once the video cuts to the creator of the product speaking about it, the lighting isn’t the best, but his genuine passion for his product rings through. It’s pretty much a straightforward walkthrough of the features for the no-nonsense product.

The Perks. There are nine tiers from which backers may choose. For $30, a backer gets an Empowerment Bottle with an expected delivery of October 2014.

The Potential. People living in congested urban areas and who rely on mass transit such as subways will likely have a great appreciation for this product. Students who walk or ride their bike to school and those who live on a college campus will also see value in this product. Though it is possible to get mace and a whistle in a size that can be attached to a keychain, a water bottle may make them more convenient and accessible for those who are on foot or cycling.

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BulletSafe Backpack Panel offers protection from gunfire

BulletSafe Backpack Panel  20140304102701-Backpack-Panel-and-Insert[1]It seems a wild notion to write about a bullet-safe panel that kids can put in their backpack for protection, but interest in such a product is a sad consequence of what was once unthinkable. That being said, the BulletSafe Backpack Pannel is made of the same bulletproof material that police and others in security use for bullet proof vests. Kids just pack it in their backpack right along with their books. As long as schools don’t make them store their backpacks in their lockers, it might just save some lives. For $89 — a bit less than similar options  — a backer gets one product with an expected delivery of April 2014.

Cell Phone Accessories

ReelKlip leashes your smartphone to prevent pavement pounding

ReelKlipLots of smartphone cases can protect your phone if it falls, but ReelKlip takes a more proactive approach. Acting like one of those retractable badge holders used for access at many workplaces, the product consists of a 1.5″ belt-mounted disc and a polyurethane band of up to 3.5″ that snugs tightly around your smartphone that are joined by a 3.5′ feel that lets you bring your phone up to your face. However, applications such as in-car navigation or passing around a photo of your new precious will likely require untethering. A video which shows a wince-inducing montage of phone breakage scenarios drives home the point. A nice complement to a protective case and screen guard, ReelKlip should be available for backers for $17 in March 2014.